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My name is Andy, and I'll be your host to MIADB. In this picture, I'm wearing an OCBD and blazer--both made in the USA!

My name is Andy, and I’ll be your host to MIADB. In this picture, I’m wearing an OCBD under a blue blazer–both made in the USA!

Welcome to the Made in America Database ( My Web site is a curated guide to clothing and accessories that are made in the US. You can navigate the database of American “Makers” via the below categories. Follow me on Twitter (@MadeInAmericaDB) or subscribe to my newsletter for future updates, tips and coupons.

New to Quality “Made in America” Stuff?

If you’re just getting started in assembling a quality wardrobe, here are some introductory articles.

Database: Categories

Database: Gifts

  • Bags and Luggage – suitcases, briefcases, field bags and more.
  • Gifts for Men – flashlights, pocket knives, and more. Coming soon.
  • Gifts for Women – blankets, brushes, and more. Coming soon.
  • Pets – collars, leashes, and tack. Coming soon.

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